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Family Law


The attorneys at Spencer & Taylor have the experience necessary to navigate any family law issue, whether it is simple or complicated. Tasks necessary to resolve these issues may include drafting a separation agreement, appearing in court, or participating in mediation or negotiations.



When seeking a divorce both spouses face many legal and financial issues. Identifying assets and debts, establishing a separation agreement and determining appropriate spousal support payments are all ways in which we can help assist you during a divorce.


In a no-fault divorce, the spouses have lived separate and apart with the intent to obtain a divorce for over one year. If the spouses do not have children together, they may obtain a divorce after six months of separation.

In a collaborative divorce, the spouses have separate legal representation. The spouses and their attorneys work together to establish a fair and comprehensive resolution without court intervention. An uncontested divorce occurs when the spouses can resolve all issues themselves. Our attorneys can prepare a settlement agreement that encompasses the spouses' resolution, and then prepare and process all divorce papers.


In a contested divorce, the spouses do not agree on the terms of the divorce. Usually, there is a disagreement over child custody and support, spousal support, or property distribution. Our attorneys can advocate for you in court or during mediation to ensure that you achieve a fair resolution.


Additional Family Law Services


Spencer & Taylor can also assist with adoption, paternity issues, enforcement of judgments, legal separation, annulment, child support or spousal support modifications, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.


Family law issues are commonly stressful to the family members involved, however, with the assistance of an attorney who will listen and provide individualized advice, these situations are easier to understand and more efficiently resolved.